Wednesday, June 10, 2009

British National Party (BNP) & Bad Faith

Here we go again. The BNP - it's hardly a new thing - those guys have been opposed to (mainly black) migration here since goodness knows when - just happens the times are more fertile now. Seems like they have another agenda which they aren't really letting on about just yet but we all know it's there right from way back when they were in the NF (National Front) etc.

If people really were concerned about the mass migration it's not as if they couldn't vote for UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), which many did of course. But I suspect those who vote BNP actually quite like the whole whites only thing. The journalists seem convinced that it's all just a protest vote about MPs expences and has nothing to do with the Brits being jaded by the European Union thing.

Not that I'm carrying the flag for UKIP - but it seems a reasonable enough pressure group. In the current controversy I find it useful to ask myself, am I bothered by the people in my street? I guess I'm lucky where I live (East Oxford) which is very diverse but seems to work out OK - the mosque is next door but they seem like good people. I've never really known anything other than this kind of inner city - mixed race thing - I was brought up in Newport docklands - and in the 1960s can remember the first Asian family arriving in our street. If I ever did feel threatened it was always from the locals who could be a rough lot.

There are xenophobes in Wales as there are everywhere else, but they often come from the valleys where funny enough the migrant population is smaller - and therefore stranger maybe?

I feel a bit let down by the media and other experts. They just don't seem to be getting to the heart of the matter or giving me the facts I need to know. Is Britain being swamped or isn't it? Is it viable for "UK" (presumably minus Scotland, Wales and N Ireland) to return to days of empire or even some sort of fortress UK and still be as prosperous as once were?